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Hospital Specializing in Women’s Health Care-Sagara Hospital-

Since its corporation in 1946, Hakuaikai Sagara Hospital has earned its exceptional reputation as a leading hospital in Japan specializing in breast cancer. Based on our specialty and high-quality medical services for women, we have been promoting a "comprehensive care for women".

One feature is our consistent treatment system from prevention to health check and diagnosis, treatment, postoperative support and palliative care. By substantially coordinating each step, a consolidated system of care for the various phases of a disease is established.

Another feature is our diversified medi-care service for women extending across the Breast Surgery Department, Gynecology Department, Thyroid Gland Department and Medical Checkup Center. This combination of care by each department enables an appropriate medical service that meets the needs of patients.

Since sixty years ago when Hakuaikai was established, our everlasting basic philosophy has been "together pursuing the wellbeing of our patients". We are dedicated to providing further trustworthy medical care to our patients by making the most of our features, specialty and wide range of activities.