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The Hakuaikai focuses on women’s health care multilaterally. To improve the quality and environment of medi-care services for women, four facilities are coordinated in their operation.

These four facilities share electronic medical charts, radiographic images and other information by high-speed Canobeam transceivers that excel in security. This enables the safe and real-time sharing of information and quick consultation.

Sagara Hospital (相良病院)

Sagara Hospital3-31 Matsubara-cho, Kagoshima City. 892-0833
【Hours】  9:00〜18:00
【Closed】 Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays

Medical Admission

general ward: 56 beds(Breast Surgery Department, Thyroid Gland Department, Gynecology Department)
Palliative Care Unit (PCU): 24 beds

Outpatient Department

  • Chemotherapy
  • Postoperative treatment(Breast Surgery Department)
  • Outpatient Referral
  • Referral to Second Opinions
  • Mammotome Biopsy
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Lymphedema Outpatient
  • Genetic Counseling Outpatient

Breast Center (相良病院附属ブレストセンター)

Breast Center3-28 Tenokuchi-cho, Kagoshima City. 892-0845
【Hours】  9:00〜18:00
【Closed】 Thursday afternoons, Sundays, Holidays

Outpatient Department

  • Breast Surgery Department

Medical Fitness Well-life

Sagara Perth Avenue Clinic (さがらパース通りクリニック)

Sagara Perth Avenue Clinic26-13 Shinyashiki-cho, Kagoshima City. 892-0838
【Hours】  9:00〜18:00
【Closed】 Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays

Medical Admission

Radiotherapy Ward 16 beds
Radiation control(Iodotherapy)Ward:2 beds

Outpatient Department

  • Radiology Department
  • Postoperative Breast Surgery Department
  • Radiotherapy
  • Image Inspection (MR-PET, CT, RI, etc.)

Sagara Women’s Clinic (さがら女性クリニック)

Sagara Women’s ClinicKagoshima-chuo terminal building  2F 
Tyuocho, Kagoshima City. 890-0053
【Closed】Wednesday afternoons, Sundays, Holidays

Outpatient Department

  • Thyroid Gland Department
  • Gynecology Department
  • Lifestyle-related Diseases